Curbside Rewards makes curbside recycling in the Omaha metro area easier through the single-stream recycling.

What exactly is single-stream recycling? Single-stream recycling allows households to mix all of their recyclables into one cart. That means no more sorting, just toss everything into the provided cart and wheel it to the curb on your service day. Curbside Rewards RECORDS the weight of recyclables collected at a recycling facility.

Recyclable Materials

Click on one of the category pictures below to see a picture sample of acceptable recyclables. For a condensed printable version Click here.

Metal Cans      Cartons       Paper      Plastics     Boxes

Curbside Rewards does not accept glass in its recycling program. Get more information about the challenges we face with glass recycling.

Please do not include the following in your cart

* Plastic bags, Styrofoam, Trash, Food, Electronics