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One Pizza Box to Go… HOLD the PIZZA!


Think pizza boxes can’t be recycled? Think again. Curbside Rewards recycles pizza boxes…just not the pizza.

Here is a handy tip on how to recycle your pizza box:

Throw out any leftover pizza, crusts, sauces, foil or paper liners – everything but the box itself. Toss the box into your Curbside Rewards cart…

That’s right, we don’t want the pizza, just the box. Pizza boxes are recyclable contrary to popular belief and we want to debunk the myth once and for all. For years recyclers have told you “NO” without explaining why. Here’s why we at Curbside Rewards say “YES”.

Pizza boxes are just like every other box you use, they are made from the same recyclable material used to ship your latest EBay purchase. Just like the EBay box where you keep the contents inside and recycle the box – in this case keep and eat the pizza and the fixin’s and recycle only the box it came in.

Actually, think of recycling a pizza box just like you would recycle a cereal box. You certainly wouldn’t put a half a box of cereal in the recycle bin, would you? Same is true with a pizza box, just take all the contents our before you recycle the box.

What about that nasty oil spot where the pizza laid? Can a greasy box still be recycled? The answer is yes though we would encourage you to consider finding a healthier pizza!

Do you have to get every last crumb out of the box? If the pizza is good you should want to eat that last crumb but if you leave a few crumbs – not crusts – crumbs we said – you can still recycle the box.

Like extra cheese but it sticks to the box? It’s OK to order extra cheesy pizza but if the whole box is covered in cheese you should consider composting the box or toss the whole box in the trash. If it is just on half the box, tear the box in half – recycle the clean side and toss the cheesy side in the trash.

Seems like a lot of work to make the pizza box recyclable, so why does Curbside Rewards go out of the way to recycle a crumby pizza box? Over 100,000 boxes are sent to homes every day. Less than 1% of those are recycled. Our goal at Curbside Rewards is to recycle as much as we can so less go to landfills. With a little education and your help, we can make our environment a clean place.

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