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The Business of Recycling

Going Green! It’s in, it’s chic, it’s all the rage! For most of us though, it’s just plain old recycling. Recycling has been around for decades but now, more of us are participating.
It’s also a simple way for us to join the go green bandwagon. A first step for many of us to help even more of us take that first step: a new recycling business is offering a big incentive. We actually get paid to do it — eventually! Curbside Rewards is the relatively new recycling business based in Omaha. There is a monthly fee of $9.99.
The hook is that we get something back for our recyclables. The more we recycle, the more points we get. We can redeem those points online with coupons from more than 2,000 companies. Locally, businesses like Blimpies, Crane Coffee, Valentino’s and many others offer coupons that are redeemable with our Curbside Rewards points.
The coupons are offered online at the Curbside Rewards site, You can even use your points to donate to a local charity!
Curbside Rewards owner Brian Gubbels says, “Most of our customers get about a $20 to $30 reward at the end of the month by using our coupons.”
Gubbels’ Company has been around for a year-and-a-half now. It started here in Omaha and has now expanded to Fremont and Lincoln. The next communities in line are Norfolk and Columbus.
Some would argue that we wouldn’t need to recycle if we bought eco-friendly products in the first place. Sounds simple! But we all know that going green isn’t that simple! Yes, recycling is just a small step and just part of the three Rs: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse!
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