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Recycling one ton of paper saves four barrels of oil; one ton of plastic, 11 barrels of oil; and one ton of aluminum, 37 barrels of oil.
“Recycling is an energy business,” said Brian Gubbels, co-founder of Firstar Fiber Corporation and recently Curbside Rewards, a subsidiary of Firstar Fiber. Firstar Fiber is a progressive, full-service recycling company that counts among its clients the City of Omaha and many of Omaha’s biggest employers, names like ConAgra Foods, the Omaha World-Herald and Union Pacific.
Curbside Rewards is a new recycling-only hauling company that provides residents and businesses the convenience of curbside recycling and a rewards program powered by RecycleBank.
Firstar Fiber is, itself, a massive operation. The company opened 12 years ago in a 9,000-square-foot building in Fremont, Neb. Today, it runs a 200,000-square-foot plant in southwest Omaha capable of processing more than 8,000 tons (approximately 450 semi-loads) of recyclables per month.
Firstar Fiber began as a scrap paper recycler in 1997. Today, it processes the full spectrum of recyclables utilizing the latest in single stream technology eliminating the need for homeowners and businesses to sort their recyclables. “We’re the only one in Nebraska with that technology,” said Gubbels.
Innovation is a hallmark of this local industry leader. Firstar Fiber is a licensee of the novel RecycleBank Program, an incentive plan that offers homeowners tangible rewards for recycling—up to $40 a month to spend at reward partners like AMC Theaters, Younkers and Hy-Vee. “Where we’ve put RecycleBank in place, we’ve had over 300 percent increase in recycling in the homes that have recycled before. That tells me we are an extremely green-conscious community provided we give people the tools.”
Find the original article in Omaha: Extraordinary Opportunities published by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.

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