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Curbside Rewards is the only recycling service in Omaha, Nebraska that rewards you for recycling. Find out more here.


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How many businesses participate in the RecycleBank program?

Will the rewards program change? Will the rewards change?

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Do RecycleBank rewards expire?

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Do you take glass?

No, Curbside Rewards does not accept glass in its recycling program. Get more information about the challenges we face with glass recycling. Omaha has 4 metro area recycling drop off stations for glass:

Northwest Omaha
75th and Corby parking lot at North 75th and Corby Streets (Corby is one
block south of Maple St.)
The site is open daily 7am – 7pm

Southwest Omaha
10330 I St. at First Star Recycling’s entrance
The site is open daily from 7am – 7pm

Northeast Omaha
Parking lot at the northeast corner of South 26th Avenue and Douglas
The site is open daily from 7am – 7pm

Southeast Omaha
River City Recycling, 6404 South 60th Street between Q and Harrison
The site is open:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 4:30pm year ‘round
Saturday: (Spring, Summer and Fall) 8am – 4:30pm
Saturday: (Winter) 8am – Noon